1. Do you sell nicotene e juice?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to sell nicotene e juice in Australia, so you won't find it anywhere on our site. This is currently a matter of debate, however, and we could be seeing changes soon.

Sign this petition to help legalise nicotene: https://www.legalisevaping.com.au/

2. How much e juice do I need?

This depends completely on frequency of use. For casual users, a 10mL vial may last a week or more, for chain vapers, you could consume the same amount in a day. We recommend starting off with 3-5 vials and seeing how you go from there.

3. How long does a coil last?

Again, this is a question of how frequently you use the device. For frequent users, the coil may burn out after about a week of use, while for causual/infrequent users, a single coil may last well over a month.

4. What is that burnt taste?

When you start a new coil, and the coil's wick is not properly saturated, using it may cause an unpleasant burnt taste. To prevent this, fill your tank with e juice and pull air through without pressing the button. This will soak the coil with e juice and prepare it for use.

After a few days/weeks use, you may again notice a burnt taste. This may be casued by accumulated residue rather than a dry coil. This unpleasant taste can be removed by cleaning (use a cotton tip to scub the inside), or simply replacing, the coil.